The Evolution of Pool™
From beginning to end, our entire pool league system was designed and created by Touring Professionals to allow amateur players to experience a professional style of play in order to elevate their game to the next level. Our leagues in Phoenix, Arizona are perfect for the beginner, intermediate and advanced player.

  • Vegas Nationals!

  • Official U.S. Amateur Rankings

  • Cash League

  • US Team Rankings

  • 8-Ball, 9-Ball & 10-Ball

  • Professional Handicapping Program (SSR Program)

  • 3 Different membership options (Tourning Pro, Platinum and Gold)

Player Benefits
  • Professional Training via SSR Program

  • Progress tracking via Player Dashboard

  • Sandbagging Eliminated!

  • Call Pocket ~ No Slop Pool (8 & 10-Ball)

  • Rack Your Own ~ Alternating Breaks

  • UPA Official Rules of Play

General Division Info
  • Handicapped Races

  • 12 - 18 Week Sessions 

  • 3-5 Player Teams (8 Max Player Roster)

  • Singles Divisions

  • Speeds 1-10

  • Individual Matched Play

Cash & Prizes!
  • UPA Pool Leagues are the highest cash paying leagues in the Nation! Not only can you continue to play in the League you are currently playing in,  but you can also improve your game and win cash and prizes in an amateur league that will evolve your game to professional standards.

Official US Ranking
  • For the first time in the billiard industry amateur players are able to receive an official U.S. Ranking and are able to see exactly where they stand against other players across the Nation. Our exclusive SSR program not only has the sole ability to compare each player’s performance individually and objectively against other players but also grants each  player an official U.S. Amateur Ranking based on their data (SSR).

US Team Rankings
  • This is a feature of our League of Champions that is totally unique to the Pool industry. It not only allows you to compete against Teams in local divisions, but also against every Team across the Nation. At the end of each season all Teams entered into our collective database are ranked in our U.S. Team Standings in order to allow you to compare your performances.​

  • UPA leagues are the only leagues in the country that allow you to compete against both players and Teams across the Nation.

Player Dashboard
  • The UPA has officially taken the next step in the Evolution of Pool. The Player Dashboard gives players specific details on their game, the ability to track their progress for the entire year through graphs, look at their territory, state and National Ranks, and attain badges for their accomplishments all while continuing to pinpoint specific areas they may need to focus on.