The UPA has officially taken the next step in the Evolution of Pool. The Player Dashboard gives players specific details on their game, the ability to track their progress for the entire year through graphs, look at their territory, state and National Ranks, and attain badges for their accomplishments all while continuing to pinpoint specific areas they may need to focus on.

Join the Fun!

2017 Nationals

Welcome to our League of Champions™! We are proud to present our premier pool league to amateur players in Phoenix, Arizona. Nationwide, our pool leagues are proving to be the fastest growing leagues in the US and truly the next step in the evolution of your pool game. Join in the fun and join one of our divisions today!


UPA Player Dashboard

Join us for our 4th National Event June 20th - June 25th, 2017. UPA Phoenix will be sending both 8 and 9-Ball teams this year, each competing for $$$$ in cash prizes!